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Pledge on 74th Independence Day: Citizens of India 

Pledge on 74th Independence Day: Citizens of India

Being democratic means, not a responsibility of saluting national flag just on 15 August or 26 January it weighs a lot of responsibility with it. 

The nation would develop if each & every citizen of the country would participate in swatch Bharat, Aatmanirbhar Bharat & khelo India mission. 

Development doesn't mean to build up more buildings and promote IT and other sectors it means to stand beside the backward to promote their upliftment, promotion of education, and to create vacancy jobs reservation for these people. 

During the Corona Virus pandemic, different types of people are helping us to fight in this pandemic situation like Doctors, news reporters, sanitizing committees, and much more. 

We should respect these people and support them. 

We commonly quote"All Indians are my brothers and sisters ", Then why do we overlook our poor brothers and sisters they should also be held hands together as they occupy the majority of the population. Economy -social-Mental-welfare of the state. 

Salute to the freedom fighters who have shown us victory and also to the hero's who are helping us to fight the coronavirus pandemic. 

Still, after 74 years we feel that we are still not independent as the women can't still work outside at night, girls education is still standby due to pandemic their dropouts would increase so schemes must be made to prevent such a problem.

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