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‘PM Modi to address the nation on August 15 regarding making a self-reliant India’

PM Modi’s goal-oriented approach of making India self-reliant during the hard times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Keeping in view the Gandhi Ji’s ‘Swadeshi’ movement, PM Modi is working hard constantly to make its nation aware of the importance of being self-dependent.

‘PM Modi to address the nation on August 15 regarding making a self-reliant India’

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh recently mentioned that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be addressing the nation at Red Fort on Independence Day regarding the new outline for a self-reliant India. He also said that different departments of the government are working tenaciously to bring out the new idea of Modi’s self-reliant India. This new step is taken by keeping in mind the Gandhi Ji’s ‘Swadeshi’ movement during the time of independence.  Mr. Rajnath shared this news in an online meeting while paying tribute to the revolutionary fighter Udham Singh.

While discussing this qualitative initiative, he said that the current pandemic has taught us to be self-reliant for its efficient working. He said that our government will not let our nation move down and will not do anything that would affect India’s dignity and simplicity. 

He said that to make India self-reliant, strict decisions have been taken by the ministry; for example, ban of import of 101 military weapons. He also highlighted that major weapons will now be manufactured in India and will also try to export them to other countries to make India a hub for defense manufacturing. 

It is heard from sources that PM Modi has also brought into notice that Andaman And Nicobar are going to play an utmost role in making India a self-reliant nation as they are specifically located for trading. He mentioned that this particular region will be allotted for ‘Maritime and Start-up Hub’. The government has already begun to take initiatives for the development of our nation. 

Also, the Bharatiya Janta Party has decided to inaugurate the project of submarine optical fiber on August 10, as  Andaman And Nicobar turning ‘digitally independent’.

Affirming that our government is working consistently to bring development across the country, PM Modi said that equilibrium is foremost important for building a new India.

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