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Ripped jeans trends on Twitter!!

After Uttarakhand Chief Minister's commment on Ripped Jeans , citizens trend RippedJeans on Twitter 
Ripped jeans trends on Twitter!!

Chief Minister of Uttrakhand , Tirath Singh Rawat  has got himself into trouble after sharing his views on women wearing ripped jeans . He commented on a women whom he saw wearing ripped jeans and boots in a flight . He said that he was shocked to see a mother weaing such type of clothing and what shocked him more was that she runs an NGO , he added that if she is wearing such type of Jeans what kind of example is she setting for others . He din't stop at that and further said that what kind of values will the kids get from these kind of Mother , he said a child who is taught right culture at home , no matter how modern he becomes will never fail at life . 

After this tweet went viral , hundreds of Women , influencers, actors , politicians  joined the conversation and  slammed the leader . They asked for apologies from the Minister . Congress , asked for an aplogy or resignation of Tirath Singh Rawat .  

Tirath singh Rawat's wife  ,Rashmi came to his defence  and said that the women have to preserve the country's culture and traditions  and that his remark is misinterpreted. 

#Ripped Jeans kept trending on Twitter on wednesday ,Thursday and continues till Friday . 

What are your views on this comment made by a Chief Minister of a devloping country like India ?

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