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The last message from the airplane; “clear to land runway 10”

The plane crash was frightening news for the people of Kerala. The people were not able to believe what had happened that day, the plane crash, as well as the heavy rains, had caused massive destruction in the hilly areas almost 60 people got killed in the landslide
The last message from the airplane; “clear to land runway 10”

The investigating team which includes the DGCA and the Aircraft Investigation Bureau, they have been analyzing the site of the crash, and hey took the black box of the plane, which includes all vital evidence of how the plane had crashed. There were around 190 passengers in the plane, there were 18 deaths as till now, as more people are In critical condition.

The landing of the plane was so difficult as it was raining and also the landing gear was gone wrong so the only way to land was through a crash, so the pilot had emptied the fuel in order to avoid a blast by circling around the airport. Then the pilot tried to land the plane and had crashed by skidding off the runway.    

The last message from the airplane to the Air Traffic Control tower was just 4 minutes before the crash. As the first attempt to land failed, the pilot decided to land the west side of the runway and sought permission from the ATC tower.

After receiving permission to land, the message was sent to the ATC tower which was at 7:36 pm. The plane was 4 nautical miles away from the runway and then at 7:40 the plane was skidded on the runway and was met with the accident. The DGCA and Aircraft Investigation bureau who are investigating the accident has collected material evidence from the plane and also the officers in the ATC tower who had controlled it. However, the drastic rain continues to be the exact reason for the plane crash.

This disastrous moment occurred on August 7, 2020, in the night. The pilots who drove the plane were found dead. Around 18 deaths were officially recorded and many people were hospitalized with severe injuries. It was the mankind of people of Malappuram and Kozhikode which saved the lives of the rest of the people. During the Operation of getting people out of the plane, all the people around there were working so sincerely ad which saved others’ lives. They all were willing to take injured people to the hospital in their own vehicles instead of waiting for the police and the ambulance to come. 

Seven members of one family survived the Air India Express crash in Kerala. Dubai based Indian Shamir Vadakkan was relieved as all seven members of his and his brother’s family survived. His wife was traveling with their two daughters and a son. His brother’s wife was traveling with their daughter and a son. They said that it was the locals who gave a helping hand for them, which they can’t forget.

There were others who were lucky not have been able to board the plane at the last minute. Recounting his miraculous escape, Vetten, whose visa was cancelled a week ago, told that “I was handed my boarding pass, when I reached the immigration, they told me that I have to pay a sum of 20000 as a fine for overstay”, which he did not had. ”when I heard about the crash, I was saddened for all the passengers. But I’m so relieved I missed it. God has been merciful”, he said.             

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