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 Violence broke out in Bengaluru killing 2 People and injuring 60 police Personnel over a social media post

The violence which broke out yesterday in Bengaluru killed 2 people and also injured 60 police personnel which was condemned by Chief Minister Yeddyurappa today.
Violence broke out in Bengaluru killing 2 People and injuring 60 police Personnel over a social media post

Bengaluru: Violence broke out in the houses of several MLAs and leaders for the inciting post of their relatives inciting communal tensions among the people in Bengaluru. One of the posts was by the nephew of the Member of the Legislative Assembly Srinivasa Murthy which was an alleged post against Prophet Muhammad which led to the violent clashes and the vandalism of his house.

Even a police station was not left out by the rioters who vandalized the DJ Halli Police station causing the injury of over 60 police personnel The police have arrested 100 people who were considered responsible for the violent clashes and imposed CRPC Section 144 which restricted unlawful assembly and other curfew measures were imposed to restrict such assembly which causes violence.

This has been condemned by the Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai who said that such violence cannot be supported and people should have dealt with the post in a different way. He also said that Additional forces have been deployed to restrict such an assembly.

The Chief Minister Yeddyurappa today in a Press Conference condemned the violence and also issued directives to restrict such violence and also said that vandalism against media persons and also politicians for a post cannot be supported.

This comes during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising cases in Karnataka which has reached over 1 Lakh total cases and every day there have been over 1000 cases reported which have caused an increase in the need for restriction in the assembly of people and Social distancing.

This violence is also an example of the intolerant attitude of the Indians which has been noted earlier by Amir Khan during the lynchings of Pehlu Khan. This violence can be considered as a continuation of such lynchings and proves the statement of Amir Khan.


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