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Wear a MASK !!

We bring you reasons why wearing a Mask is call of the hour !
Wear a MASK !!

With COVID cases increasing day by day , we need to do our bit for our own protection and for others too . From the beginning , Government has asked the public to always wear a Mask and to sanitize hands after touching anything . 

There are a lot of reasons why we should be wearing Masks whenever we go out in Public places . 

Masks help to prevent respiratory droplets from reaching others as they create a barrier .

They hlep in reducing viral transmission by seventy percent  ,if worn correctly .

Wearing a Mask protects you from getting droplets of others but not only that it also helps if peotecting you from getting any droplets in direct contact with your nose or mouth . Please wear a mask properly and make sure you cover your Nose .

They are not expensive , Masks are cheaper than Sanitizers in general . A Mask will cost you something between Rupees 20 to Rupees 100 . They are easy to dispose off too . You can also wear a Mask that is home made 

Its better to be safe than sorry , Masks prevent Covid rather than protecting you from Covid . They help you not get the disease at all if you make sure that you wear them all the time and wear them properly . 

If you wear a mask you become a responsible citizen . You not only save yourself but you save others too .Not only that , you also save your self from the huge fine that Government has imposed on the offenders , It is mandatory for everyone to wear a mask when they leave their house . 

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