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Internshala, the best website for Indian students to find internships. 

Internships are in search as the summer vacations approach for students. 

Internshala, the best website for Indian students to find internships.

Internshala is a website where there are numerous paid internship opportunities for students.

Internshala provides Internships to students who are willing to work. The website requires some biodata or resume to search for relevant internships for students. It's the student's responsibility to fill in the correct information and answer the questions correctly as it might lead to recommendations from the website for internships. 

The students can grab internships bases on a wide variety of domains available. From a simple task of data entry to making websites as a web developer, Internshala will provide every student with a perfect internship opportunity. The students are required to fill out the skills they possess and the domains in which they would be interested to work. Internshala will then shortlist some internships and list them out for the students. The students can then apply for an internship after picking up some internship of their choice. The students might also need to go through an interview/selection process after which they will get to know about their selections. 

Internshala has recently introduced a new program as Campus Ambassadors where the students will be the Ambassadors or representatives for Internshala in their respective college's. This program would give an opportunity to students to learn marketing skills and communication skills as well. It is a 70-day program wherein the students would be asked to reach out to a maximum number of students and make others aware of it. At the end of the program, the students will be provided with a certificate of completion and also some monetary benefits. The internship details are available on the Internshala website and the last date for application is 17th March.

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