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5 Most popular dog breeds in the world .

If you are a dog lover , this article is for you .
5 Most popular dog breeds in the world .

Who does not like Dogs ? Dogs are human's best friend and we wish we had more humans than dogs with us . If you are a dog lover just like us .It has scientifically be proven that being with a Dog increases your happiness . This article will help you know about the 5 most loved breeds in the World .

1. Labrador Retriever 

yes, you guessed it correct . its still the most popular Dog  breed . Labs are frienly and very easy to handle , they are not at all aggressive and therefore they are the most popular , they have been topping the list since a very long time .

2. German Shephard 

German shephards are very smart and therefore are mostly used in Army services , they are great sniffer Dogs and therefore they serve well in the Army . Apart from this , they are great Watch dogs too . They are smart and frienly and therefore they have the second spot in this list .

3. Golden Retrievers 

These dogs are most playful and are great with kids too . They love playing and are mostly home dogs . They are well disciplined and do not get aggressive until provoked . If trained well , they can learn a lot of stuffs including getting items from market or closing /opening doors .

4. French Bulldogs

This breed is a breed of domestic dogs , they are a crosee between  toy bulldogs from England and  local ratters in Paris, France . They are friendly . affectionate , easygoing,  sociable, bright dogs .

5. Bulldogs 

Its a medium sized dog . Most bulldogs love spending time with their  humans , they lare great companions for children . Their wrinkled face looks adorable and even when they make faces they look cute . They can abe aggressive sometimes , but if trained well their anger is not a problem .

Did your Dog breed make it to the list , if not dont worry , we love all dogs !!

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