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Benefits of virgin coconut oil and How to make virgin coconut oil?

Add one teaspoon of virgin coconut oil to your morning tea and consume it. It helps in getting rid of constipation including stomach problems.
Benefits of virgin coconut oil and How to make virgin coconut oil?

How to make coconut oil at home? Benefits of Coconut Oil Benefits of virgin coconut oil in Hindi
Virgin oil in Hindi. How to make coconut oil at home Read on to learn about virgin coconut oil. How to make Virgin Coconut Oil. Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

 By Nikita Bishay Mon, 12 Apr 2021


Oil has an important role in Indian food. Oil is mostly used for cooking food. Markets are filled with different types of edible oils which people consume in their everyday life. One such oil is coconut oil which is a versatile oil. People have been consuming coconut oil for many years and the nutrients in it provide high levels of anti-oxidants, proteins and vitamins in the body (Nariyal Tel ke fayde). However, homemade coconut oil can be more beneficial than coconut oil available in the market.

The oil prepared from homemade coconut oil or fresh coconut is mostly called virgin coconut oil . There is no adulteration and they are made in a completely natural way. Virgin coconut oil has many benefits that people are often not aware of. 

For people who are losing weight, consuming virgin coconut oil can be beneficial. It is believed that its intake helps in reducing abdominal fat. However, it is very important to consume it properly. For this, you can use coconut oil in lieu of your edible oil or you can mix it in any salad and eat it.
Alzheimer's disease is seen in most of the elderly. In such a situation, his ability to remember becomes weak and he loses his memory. Virgin olive oil can also be beneficial to protect from such things. Include it in small amounts so that Alzheimer's disease can be kept away.
Apart from the health benefits, you can also add virgin cocoanut oil to your beauty routine. This helps a lot in keeping the skin and hair health healthy.
Virgin cocoanut oil is also a good option for people struggling with heart related problems. Eat coconut coconut oil with things like fresh vegetables, fiber-rich foods, and your heart health will improve.

To know the benefits of virgin coconut oil, let us know how you can make them. Virgin Coconut Oil kaise banaye? How to make virgin coconut oil? How to make Homemade Coconut Oil?
First of all you have to take out the whole kidney of coconut and cut it into small pieces and grate it well so that all the coconut milk comes out.
After this, put the pulp in the cloth and squeeze it well so that all the milk will come out well.
After this, cook this milk in a pot of copper or aluminum on low flame for 2 to 3 hours.
Keep stirring it for half an hour to 10 hours so that the milk does not stick to the edges.
As soon as the color of milk starts to brown, remove it from the gas and filter it with the help of cloth.
After filtering it again with a cloth, you will get coconut oil.
Just make your own home made coconut coconut oil as described here. You can use this home-made coconut oil for cooking or in your beauty routine. 

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