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Coconut Barfi Recipe Without Khoya !

If coconut is lying in your house, use it and make coconut barfi today. 
Coconut Barfi Recipe Without Khoya !

At home, we make some kind of sweets that are delicious to eat and are liked by the family as well. One such easy dessert is Coconut Barfi or Coconut Barfi Recipe. It is very easy to make and it does not require much material. However, many people like to make barfi without mawa (barfi without mawa). In such a situation, we have come up with a recipe for making barfi without mawa for you today. Let's know Coconut Barfi Recipe Without Khoya.
Ingredients to make coconut barfi:
Three cups of coconut powder
400 grams milk
Half a cup of sugar
A spoonful of cardamom powder
5 tablespoons Ghee
One cup chopped almonds

Coconut Burfi Recipe:

Put a fight on the gas and add milk, sugar and coconut powder to it and cook on low flame.
Let the milk boil.
Then after cooking it for at least half an hour, add ghee to the milk and keep stirring again.
You have to give time for this. Gradually allow the milk to thicken. After at least 40 to 45 minutes the whole mixture will start to dry.
After it dries completely, turn off the gas and take it down.
After this, apply ghee in a big plate and put all the mixture in it and spread it well.
Allow this mixture to cool for at least 1 hour.
After 1 hour, cut the barfi into your desired shape with the help of a knife and serve.
Easy coconut barfi is ready. Make it today and feed everyone. How did you like the recipe of coconut barfi without khoya, do tell us in the comment section. 

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