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Coronavirus New Symptoms: What are the new symptoms of Corona virus?

In the last few days, the havoc of coronavirus has increased even more and its infection is spreading more among people. As such, new symptoms of coronavirus have been seen in many people. Read on to learn about Coronavirus new symptoms.

Coronavirus New Symptoms: What are the new symptoms of Corona virus?

For those living in the panic of coronavirus for 1 year, fear is coming back again as the coronavirus infection has started to spread rapidly in the last few days. This second wave (coronavirus second wave) is faster than the first and is infecting people with great speed. In the last few days, the number of infected people has been counted to more than one lakh in 24 hours. It is even more serious than last year and should not be ignored. The symptoms of corona are also changing rapidly as the infection spreads and it can be even more harmful for people as they do not know much about the symptoms. In such a situation, getting treatment in time can also be difficult. If you also want to know about the new symptoms of coronavirus infection, then continue reading.

new symptoms of coronavirus

According to last year, it was very common to have symptoms like coronavirus, fever, loss of mouth, shortness of breath (Symptoms of Coronavirus). In addition, many people also had infections without symptoms. In such a situation, only his taste would go away. According to the symptoms of the new strain of coronavirus, many more such changes are now being seen in people. Let's know new symptoms of coronavirus strain.

New symptoms of corona virus . New symptoms of COVID-19
Fever, cough and shortness of breath are some of the common symptoms of coronavirus. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then you must get your test done and get treatment if needed.
There is a possibility of exhaustion in the body due to frequent exposure to the virus. However, it is not necessary that only due to corona you are getting tired. There may be other reasons at times.
According to a recent study, pink eyes or red eyes can also be counted in a coronavirus infection. It may include things like redness of the eyes, bloating or watery eyes. If you see such symptoms in yourself too, then get the tests done.
By now we had heard that the taste of the mouth drops when there is a coronavirus. Now such a thing has come to the fore that people may also have weak hearing abilities. Hearing loss may be impaired due to coronavirus infection.
Stomach upset is also one of the common symptoms in common infections of the coronavirus. Apart from this, even if you are having gas problems, you can still get infected by the virus.
Apart from all these symptoms, due to infection in many people, the color of their fingers is also changing. The symptoms have not appeared in many people, but can still be counted as one of the coronavirus symptoms.

Maintain social distancing and wear a mask , if you feel unwell , go and check yourself and quarantine yourself at home untill you get a negative certificate . 

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