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Do not be ashamed if you are slim, eat these cheap SUPER FOOD to gain weight !

Top five super food for Thin people to gain weight .
Do not be ashamed if you are slim, eat these cheap SUPER FOOD to gain weight !

We bring you a list of Super Foods , which will help you gain weight .

Raisins: - Raising raisins is considered to be the most beneficial for gaining weight. In fact, sufficient amount of calories is found in raisins, which helps in gaining weight very quickly.
Banana: - By consuming banana, weight can be increased easily. Bananas are also rich in calories. By consuming this, the body gets enough calories, so that you will be able to feel healthier as well as increase in weight.
Consumption of milk: - To stay healthy, a person must be told to consume milk. Milk contains protein, carbohydrate and fat, all three, which will help you in gaining weight.
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Oats (OATS): - The best time to consume oats is morning and evening. You can include milk and sugar in it. Include it in your food every day, within a few days you will start seeing differences in your body.
Honey (HONEY): - Along with the amount of calories in honey, it is also full of enough nutrients, which helps a lot in increasing body weight. While consuming honey, you should keep in mind what honey you are using and how much honey you are using. If you want to increase your weight, then always drink honey mixed with milk and if you want to lose weight then dissolve it in hot water and consume it.

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