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Follow this home recipe to remove makeup!

Many methods can be used to remove makeup, from milk to baby wipes.

Follow this home recipe to remove makeup!

You look glamorous and beautiful with makeup, but this makeup causes a lot of damage to the skin. Many women do not remove makeup and fall asleep like that. Because of this, there are rash, pimples and stains on the skin and the face starts to look ugly. Experts believe that sleeping without removing makeup causes great damage to the skin.

However, it can be used to remove makeup from milk to baby wipes. But how will the makeup being removed from the skin help to make the skin soft and smooth? This work does almond oil. Almond oil removes makeup easily and there is no burning or itching feeling on the face. Also know how to use almond oil to remove makeup.

Method of use
First take a piece of cotton and put 2-3 drops of almond oil on it. Now apply this piece of cotton on the whole face and eyes and get rid of makeup. Take care not to vigorously rub cotton on the face and focus more on the area around the eyes. Now soak it in rose water of a cotton cloth and wipe the face. Almond oil not only removes makeup but also brings tightness to the skin. The special thing is that it does not contain any harmful ingredients that cause damage to the skin. For women who have eczema, psoriasis, or any other skin related disease, almond oil is perfect for makeup removers. 

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