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How to get  lizard away from home? Home remedies for lizard escape. 

Home remedy to run away  the lizards on the walls ,in the house. 

How to get lizard away from home? Home remedies for lizard escape.

Lizards are often seen in every Indian home. They are seen running from one wall to another. Many people are very afraid of lizards and for some it is very common to have lizards. It is not very easy to drive lizards away. She keeps laying her eggs at many places in the house, which gradually leads to a lot of lizards in the head. If you have too many lizards in your house and you want to eradicate it, then you must try the home remedy to eradicate the lizard given here and drive all the lizards out of the house. 
Home remedy to eradicate lizards. 

You can use lizards to exterminate lizards. Mix pepper with water in a spray bottle and sprinkle it in the corners where the lizards live. Regularly following it will reduce lizards.
Many people often use egg shells to drive lizards. This recipe is really effective. Next time eating eggs, clean them thoroughly instead of throwing away their shells and keep these peels where the lizards live. The lizard remains away from the smell of eggs.
You can also use onion juice to drive lizards. Mix a little garlic juice with onion juice and fill in a spray bottle. Spray it in it, the lizards will stay away from the smell.
If you have problems with its smell, you can also put onion and garlic pieces in the corners of the house. Doing so will also help to drive the lizards away.
People often use napthalene balls to keep insects away from clothes kept on shelves. You can also use them for lizards, because of its smell the lizard is often away from homes.
Apart from things used in the home, you can also use peacock feathers. Put peacock feathers in your house where there is a lizard. In a few days you will see the lizards have disappeared from there.
Here, try the home remedy of eradicating lizards and drive lizards out of your house quickly. If you liked the information about eradicating lizards from your house then share this Article with your friends.

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