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Indian Breakfast ideas: Achari Paratha Recipe.

Make Achari Paratha today for breakfast. Achari Paratha Recipe !
Indian Breakfast ideas: Achari Paratha Recipe.

Everyone wants a good breakfast in the morning. Nobody is willing to compromise on their breakfast. Delicious and healthy breakfast makes the beginning of the day good and also creates a good mood. In Indian homes, a variety of things are made and consumed in the morning breakfast. It includes Parathe, Eggs, Bread, Poori Upma, Idli and Fruits. People eat them with great fervor and start the day.

But are you bored of eating a kind of paratha everyday and wish to eat something new in your breakfast everyday. In such a situation, we have brought a new type of recipe for you, so that you can add more flavor by giving your old paratha a new look. We are talking about Achari Paratha. If you are fond of pickles, then you will like this paratha. Paratha with pickle flavor will not only give you a great taste but will also be a healthy option for you. Let's see the recipe of Achari Paratha 

Knead the flour well by adding salt to the flour. For a good flour add water well. You can also use hot water if you want. (Tip for soft paratha)
Proof for pickle spices: Grind coriander, fennel, cumin and mustard and make a fine powder. Keep this powder separate. (Achari Masala)
Now boil the potatoes for the paratha. Then add salt, red chili powder, garam masala, grated ginger, chopped chilli and chopped coriander to the boiled potatoes. Mix them all well and mix the Achari Masala prepared in it. Now mash the potatoes well with spices.
After the potatoes are ready, pour the potatoes evenly into the flour and make the paratha. Now heat the tawa and cook the parathas well with oil or ghee in it.
Just your delicious breakfast is ready.

Apart from this, you can make many different parathas and enjoy it with your family. These include Aloo ke Parathe, Gobi ke Parathe, Mooli ke Parathe, Paneer Ke Parathe etc. It is very easy to make all these recipes. All you need is the right mix of flour, vegetables and spices. Your ideal breakfast with orange juice is ready. 


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