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Instant Jalebi Recipe in 15 minutes. Make jalebi at home Jalebi recipe

Now you can make Jalebis easily at home in just 15 minutes .
Instant Jalebi Recipe in 15 minutes. Make jalebi at home Jalebi recipe

We Indians are very fond of eating sweets. We stand in long lines in shops to eat our sweets and buy our favorite sweets and eat them with great fervor. Apart from this, many people also make sweets at home and enjoy it. Some popular sweets include items like jalebi, gulab jamun, rasgulla, laddu, carrot ka halwa, sandesh, barfi. These can be a bit difficult to make, but if tried properly you can easily make them at home. Today we have brought you one such dessert recipe that you can make at home . Yes! We are talking about crispy and sweet jalebi (how to make jalebi?)

Jalebi is liked by almost everyone and people eat this dessert dissolved in Chasani with great fervor. In the recipe given here, you can make delicious jalebi in 15 minutes and eat it. Let's know how to make jalebi in 15 minutes. . Let's make jalebi like confectionery.

How to make jalebi?  Method of making jalebi. 
Jalebi Making Materials:
A cup of maida
4 tablespoons curd
A teaspoon baking powder
Food color
Two cups of sugar
½ teaspoon lemon juice
A cup of water
Saffron (optional)
15 minute mei jalebi kaise banaye?

Method of preparation of Jalebi:
First of all put maida in a vessel and add curd to it. After this, add baking powder. Start mixing slowly adding water to all the ingredients.
Make sure that the solution is not too thick or too thin.
Now add food color and mix well again.
To make sugar syrup, heat water in a vessel and add sugar to it.
Add sugar until it completely dissolves in water.
After that add lemon juice to it and keep stirring it.
If you want, you can add saffron threads which will give a nice fragrance to it.
Instead you can add cardamom if you want.
After the syrup is ready, heat the oil in a pan and add jalebi solution in any packet and start making jalebi in hot oil.
After cooking on one side, flip it and allow it to cook from the other side.
When the jalebi turns light golden color, remove it from the oil and put it directly in the sauce.
Serve hot after keeping it immersed in sugar syrup for some time.
Here we told you about the Instant Jalebi recipe. Do try this Jalebi Recipe in Hindi and enjoy Jalebi like confectionery at home. 

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