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Make delicious golgappas at home easily !

How to make panipuri or How to make Golgappa at Home easily .
Make delicious golgappas at home easily !

We Indians love to eat delicious piquant food. In such a situation, things like the chart available on the cart standing on the road attracts us very much. Everyone, from children to elders, is very fond of eating chaat. One such popular and favorite tea is Golgappe or Pani Puri. Whichever name it is called, mouth watering comes on hearing its name. Nobody forgets its spicy and spicy taste. It is called by different names in different cities. Also, it is made with different ingredients but no one can stop themselves when given with a mixture of potatoes and dipped in Golgappa in delicious sour sweet or peppery water. In such a situation, people stayed far away from their favorite chaat throughout the year due to the lockdown caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19). People started making these in homes. Things are starting to become normal, but if you are still avoiding eating outside, then the recipe (Pani Puri Recipe) here can easily be made at home by making delicious Panipuri with your family. First of all, know how to make Gol Gagappa complete. 
How to make Golgappa Puri? How to make Pani Puri Puri?

Baking soda


First take semolina, maida and flour in a vessel and add oil and some baking soda as per the need. Mix the ingredients well.
After mixing it well, add two tablespoons of water to it and start kneading the dough. Keep kneading until you get a soft and elastic dough. Knead the dough for at least 5 minutes.
Once the dough is kneaded, cover it with a wet towel and keep it for at least half an hour.
After this, cut the dough into equal parts and make small puris.
Let the oil in the pan heat up. After the oil is fully heated, add the puris and apply pressure on it with a spoon so that the puris can get full.
If possible, keep pouring oil over the men with a spoon. This makes the flowers swell easily.
Also, keep turning your pooris little by little and cook it till it turns golden and crispy.
Once the puris are ready, take it out in tissue paper and use it.

Golgappe ki recipe

How to make Pani Puri Stuffing? How to make Golgappa Masala?
Now let's talk about the spices of Pani Puri. Different types of things are given in Pani Puri. Some people mix potatoes and spices and eat it. At the same time some people consume it with things like gram, onion, raw mango. We have brought a simple spice recipe for you so that you will be able to enjoy a delicious Pani Puri.
Black gram (soaked all night)
freshly ground black pepper
Mango powder
Roasted Cumin Powder
Black Salt
 Chili powder
 Pani pur masala
 Green chilli
 Lemon juice

Boil the soaked gram and potatoes well.
 Once it boils, grate them both thoroughly.
Now add salt, chilli powder, black pepper powder, roasted cumin powder, mango powder, black salt and the remaining spices and mix well.
After mixing the spices well, add chopped coriander leaves and mint leaves to it.
Everything is mixed well. Just your masala is ready.
How to make Golpappa Water ? Golgappa's Water Recipe?
Besides Puri and Spices, delicious and spicy water of Pani Puri is also very important. Without it, the recipe of Pani Puri is incomplete. Almost all the ingredients used in spices are also used in water. To make water, grind coriander and mint leaves, green chillies and ginger thoroughly. Mix well with this paste, mixing pani puri masala, roasted cumin powder, mango powder, salt, red chilli powder and mix well. Now take your 2 or 3 liters of water and mix this paste well in it.
All three of your ingredients are ready. Call your family and enjoy this delicious dish together.

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