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Places to visit when in Italy .

If you are planning to go to Italy for your next holiday, then definitely go to these places mentioned here. Top 5 Places to visit in Italy.

Places to visit when in Italy .

The city of Italy is like a dream world. The beaches, lakes, mountains here make a wonderful picture. Apart from this, the history of Italy, its food, music, culture, tourist places also attract people from all over the world. Italy can be a great option, from vacationing with friends to going on a honeymoon with your life partner. If you are also planning to go to Italy in your next vacation, then definitely go to these places mentioned here.
Top 5 places to visit in Italy

Famous for its famous pizza, there are many hotels in this city where the best pizza in Italy is made. There is a lot of places to roam here. Just close to it is Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano that once completely devastated the city of pompei. Apart from this, churches and big palaces are worth seeing here.

The city is counted as one of the major attractive destinations in Italy. A few years ago, the city was turned into a ruin by a volcanic eruption. The city was excavated after being so buried for 1200 years. Since then till now, many tourists visit here every year to know about the life of its people.

Located in the northeast of Italy, this tourist destination counts as another famous place. The city of Venice is very famous for its beautiful artwork and decoration. The city is also known as a place of romance and culture. Walking in Venice can seem like a dream. Everything feels magical here.

San gimignano
This small village in the city of Italy is one of the beautiful and attractive tourist destinations. The 14 stone tower in this village is world famous. People visiting here can get a lot of information about the history of Italy and the fighting that took place here.

Rome is one of the most famous destinations in Italy. Different places present here have been attracting tourists. The most famous place here is Colosseum which is one of the famous arenas in Italy. The Colosseum can seat more than 50,000 spectators simultaneously and has a total of 80 entrances.

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