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 Do not offer it to Lord Shiva even by mistake, or else Lord Shiva will become angry

Do not offer it to Lord Shiva even by mistake, or else Lord Shiva will become angry
Worshiping Lord Shiva on Monday is considered more important. According to beliefs, worshiping Bholenath on this day fulfills all the wishes of a person. Therefore, on this day people worship Lord Shankar as well as fast. Especially on this day, if the couple goes to the temple and offers prayers, then their married life becomes happy. Apart from marital life, Monday's fast is considered beneficial for the person.

Lord Shiva is the only god who gets pleased very quickly. But if there is any kind of mistake in their worship and prayer, then God can be angry. Therefore every person should take some precautions in their worship. So let us know what things should be kept in mind in their worship.

Lord Shiva Likes And Dislikes: What should we offer on shivling? And What we should not offer of Shivling?

What is Favourite Colour of Lord Shiva?

Clothing of Pooja: Special attention should be paid to the clothes worn during Shiva Puja but it is often seen that people ignore it. According to the scriptures, wearing green clothes at the time of worshiping Lord Shiva is considered very auspicious, but most people do not obey it and worship it by wearing any color clothes and they are not blessed by Lord Bholenath. Only the right result of worship can be found.

While worshiping on Monday, do not wear black clothes because, according to religious beliefs, Lord Shiva does not like black color and gets angry with black clothes, in such a way, wearing black clothes during Shiva Puja. Always avoid and try to wear only green, saffron, red, white, yellow, or sky-colored clothes on Shiva Puja on Monday. Along with this, also keep in mind that the clothes should be clean because such clothes are comfortable along with being pure. The person's attention did not deviate from sitting in puja wearing such clothes. There is a religious belief that it is auspicious for men to wear a dhoti during worship.

Which flower should not be offered to Lord Shiva? What is the Favourite flower of Lord Shiva?

It is believed that Shivji likes white-colored flowers, but the Ketki flower is not used in the worship of Shivji despite being white, while there is no legislation to offer water from conch in the worship of Lord Bholenath, so to do so Should be made apart from it.

Why Tulsi is Not Offer To Lord Shiva?

The use of Tulsi in the worship of Lord Shiva is also considered taboo. Also, sesame should not be used in Shiva worship as it is believed that sesame is believed to have originated from the scum of Lord Vishnu, in such a situation, the sesame is offered to Lord Vishnu but not offered to Shiva.

Offering Rice To Lord Shiva

If you offer rice in the worship of Shiva, then take special care that those rice should not be broken.

You can offer coconut to Lord Bholenath, but coconut water should never be offered.

Turmeric and kumkum are considered to be symbols of origin, so they should not be used in the worship of Shiva.

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