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Ram Mandir: Is it the rise of Hindu Ideology or Beauty of secularism? 

after a day the Bhumi Poojan ceremony for Ram mandir temple, social media is heated up and people with different ideologies treating it with a different mindset. Some are saying that secularism is the end and the soul of the constitution is being killed while the other is saying secures are upheld.
Ram Mandir: Is it the rise of Hindu Ideology or Beauty of secularism?

The Groundbreaking ceremony has been done and the construction Of Ram temple after Supreme court judgment has been begun but some people still can’t digest the fact that how can such things happen without being communal rights. 

Many so claimed intellectuals raise the point that the construction of Ram temple over the ruins of the controversial frame Of Babri Masjid is injustice with the Muslim community and this will lead to high injustice with them and causing unrest in them. They are using various social media platforms to just causing disharmony regarding the same. These left-wing intellectuals say that the Ram mandir is just the beginning of Hindutva Ideology and will make the life of minority hell in the country.

While the other side means the right-wing also celebrating it as the victory of the BJP government and trying their level best to declare that it is the misdeed which has been incurred has been rectified by PM Modi. They upheld the situation by saying that the country is secular because it is Hindu majority and Muslim are utmost safe in India.

But they use social media just to fuel hatred among the other one. To Target one person and trolling him/her for his/her thought they abuse all community and religion. 

Apart from this social media outrage, things are calm on the ground level and no communal outrage is being shown in the real world and hope this calmness prevails on social media too and people accept it with the right faith and respect the verdict. What you found out from this do you think that temple construction leads to unrest?

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