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Vatican-China Holy See Agreement. 

Vatican-China Holy See Agreement.
In the world, Christianity occupies 31.4%, Islam - 23.2%, Hinduism-16.4%, and the rest occupied by the other religious groups. The Percentage of the Christian population portraits the Catholics to occupy 50.1%, Protestants occupies 36.7%and by the others. 
The Vatican city in Europe is the city where the pope resides for the Catholics. The pope plays an important role in religious affairs as he is involved in teaching people the importance of relations, unity, democracy.  
The Chinese communist party came to power in 1949. On 1 October 1949, chairman Mao Zedong announced the 21 September 1949 establishment of the PRC before a massive crowd at the Beijing Square. At that time chine had 3MILLION Christians.
since there were many Christians in China, the Vatican had appointed many bishops in the country as well. The bishops were appointed by the Vatican Pope. 
The Bishops were the priests for the Orthodox and Catholic who will be in charge of a diocese. 
Chinese communist party did not like the influence of Christianity in China. They generally had a fear that the religion in China would lead to the spread of democracy and liberty and china, which would provoke the followers to turn against the country. One of the main reasons behind this war was the bishops were appointed by the Vatican and they were of the foreign origin for the country. 
The Beijing government broke off diplomatic relations with the HOLY SEE in 1951 after the complicated incident in china. Throughout 1950 and 1951, China had been putting pressure on the Vatican by threatening a breakaway off the "independent Catholics", but many priests had opposed the move. 
  1. The priest to be chosen by the china itself. One-China policy.
  2. The priest should spread that country is the ultimate superiority.
In 2018 the HOLY SEE agreement, the Chinese government and the Vatican signed the historic agreement concerning the appointment of the bishop. 
The Bishop would be chosen by China and the approval would be done by the Vatican. China seems to provide $2 million to the vatican to behold his orders and so does the Vatican has been found to comment nothing about the recent incidents the Wuhan virus, attacks,etc. The US shows his obligation towards the Vatican behaviour.

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