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Story of Old-aged-mothers : Modern Era "Split society" concept  

Property fights, shares, house-keeper, Extra baggage are common to hear things in present-day scenario.
Story of Old-aged-mothers : Modern Era "Split society" concept

After a certain age when widow mother looses her charm wrapped in white old saree in front of wife's hardwork towards her daily and regular tussles about that lady has been common in door-to-door scenario.

Son's might have got weak " Hippocampus" area of brain that regulates their past happenings how their mother worked hard and nurtured to keep her child safe from the outer environment. Mother's have fulfilled all their responsibility towards their child but when the old hands fail to keep their responsibility they search for the hand which she had growned and nutured for years to hold her fragile hands and to take her towards the end till her soul rests in peace .

Daughter-in-law generally complaints about keeping their mother-in-law at their beautiful decor houses as it bees a Shrinking Charm for the place . 
Concept of old aged homes are common in this modern era where mature child's drop their admission their parents into a school like surrounding with other old dropped out parents whose children couldn't carry their children at these homes which nurse upon taking care of such old children and fees is paid by their young child who couldn't keep these commodities.

Daughter-in-laws generally want to get rid of their mother-in-law and treat her as an extra-baggage occupying a position that would decrease the charm of the Aura but protest when the same happens with their own mother's . Why so?? Mother's are same and respect should be given to everyone irrespective of caste , creed , religion or birth rights .

Son's generally become "brainless " and listen into all the issues and accept , don't they remember the hard old days how her mother worked hard to miles to keep her child safe , struggles to educate and prayers to God to rescue the soul from evils .

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