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Air Buble to UK, USA, and UAE extended to people with Valid Visas according to the Ministry of Civil Aviation

n a change to the previous Air Bubble Agreement signed between India and Governments of UK, USA and UAE has been extended to allow Indian with valid visas to travel

Air Buble to UK, USA, and UAE extended to people with Valid Visas according to the Ministry of Civil Aviation

New Delhi: In a move to allow several Indians to travel as tourists and to allow people with visit visas to travel to other countries, The Ministry of Civil Aviation has decided to allow people with valid visas to travel to UK, UAE, and USA which also includes tourist and Student visas.

The Air Bubble Agreement was signed by India with Governments of UAE, UK, and USA in the first week of July which allowed people with the Residence visa or OCI or PIO to travel to these countries and meet their parents and also go for work in these countries.

This effort was taken to help people who are working in UAE, UK, and the USA who were stuck in India to travel back to these lands to resume their work or meet their relatives. This was extended in the current move to allow students who have got admission to the Universities in UAE, the USA, and the UK to study and also tourists who want to visit these lands.

This can help in increasing the contact of India with these countries and also to continue the relations with these countries for people who were stranded in India due to the ban of flights to India due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdown.

But the other regulations continue as according to the UAE Government the people coming to UAE need the approval of ICA and GRFDA which can be applied online and needs to be written during the booking of the flights. They are also required to download the Al Hosn App before reaching UAE and should undergo a PCR test before traveling with the result that needs to be shown at the airport.

The Test needs to be conducted 96 hours before the travel and PCR test is also needed to be conducted at the destination with home Quarantine until the results become negative.

These regulations are kept to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases in these countries and reduce the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic

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