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Black Money: BJP’s Stunt?

When UPA was in power, the country was outraged by the number of scams that the party found itself involved...

When UPA was in power, the country was outraged by the number of scams that the party found itself involved in. Congress was in dire-straits and there was a national wide discontent with the Congress. This was instrumental in the rise of BJP, it came to power because it was the only feasible option. India needed a change and the Modi campaign thrived on the promise that they will bring about a change. It was a perfect match, which resulted with BJP coming to the centre with majority. This was an extraordinary rise to power, with a single absolute majority in a system that was skin deep intertwined in ‘’alliance system’.

How did BJP accomplish this? What was so great about the election campaign or brand Modi?

It has a simple answer, ‘nothing’. BJP didn’t have to do anything, The Congress Party dug its own grave. BJP included the corruption and black money aspect in their election manifesto. With roaring claims of bringing home all the black money within 100 days, clearly has failed to do so. With their reputation dwindling, BJP too is surmounted by controversies.

Rahul Gandhi, in his criticism to the BJP as pro-rich and claimed it to be the saffron party is raking up issues like terrorism and black money on which he said the NDA government has failed. The momentum is no longer in party’s favour. With losses in Bihar and Delhi, the future of the party looks grim. The elections that are due this year, do not have a strong hold of BJP making the chances of winning for BJP a longshot.

The promise that got BJP to the helm was to bring back the black money. The intolerance debates and outrage on bans. Everything put together has already managed to irk people and BJP is losing its support. The road ahead to ensure power in the coming elections BJP has serious work to do and reinvent itself.     

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