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Do politicians really care about AAM Janata?

Most of the time the Indian politicians are busy in politicking. Their time is taken by the party work. If...

Most of the time the Indian politicians are busy in politicking. Their time is taken by the party work. If they hold a ministry, office of a committee head, a government corporation or any organizational post , then their time is spent on that work. They have to spare some of the time for their personal needs like family, health and recreation. So, the question is, how much time is left  with them to really care about the AAM Janata or the common population of their constituency?

No doubt, several politicians have their local contact offices. They may be manned by staff and  their party workers. But, in reality , do politician regularly visit these offices? Does issues taken there by the common  voter get noticed ? Is there any follow-up mechanism placed to resolve the issues and grievances of the people who have voted for them?

The politicians who remain in touch with the masses eventually succeed. But for this, they need to value the power of personal interaction with common folks whose needs may be quite simple. Sometimes, even lending an ear to common man’s issues is more important than a solution itself but the politician should have that much time to spare and care.

Moreover, the modern communication and social media does give powerful tool in the hands of politician which he uses to be in touch with common people. Several politicians provide easy access to reach them and are tech savvy themselves, but their number is small.

The politicians in present India may be different than the yesteryears and  they may be go -getters ,  but still they have to work hard  to reach the common man and show that he really cares about them. The age old complain of the voters that  local politician is visible only when election comes still hold goods in most of the cases. It seems that even the senior politicians appear in constituencies only during the elections. The people may consider themselves lucky on having a glimpse of their leader!

Today’s  voter looks to smartphones for news and updates  and the  politics  too is  just like any other social-media stream, and politicians have to be careful of what they do or say  and the way they communicate with  the common people and care for  AAM Janata. In 21st century, an uncaring approach of any politician may cost not only an election , but also a promising political career.


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