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"China is accountable for its actions": Joe Biden

Recently during conference in white house, Biden adressed the press.
"China is accountable for its actions": Joe Biden
He said he have discussed with all Quad countries leaders over this matter.

The United States, working with its accomplices and partners will hold China "responsible" in the district and furthermore press Beijing to keep the standards on a scope of issues, including the South China Sea, President Joe Biden has said. 

Tending to his first conventional news gathering in the White House on Thursday, Biden alluded to his new gathering with heads of the Quad nations including India, Australia and Japan and said that soon he will welcome a coalition of vote based systems to come to Washington DC to "talk about what's to come". 

"Recently, and evidently stood out enough to be noticed, that is not for what reason did it, I met with our partners and - how we will consider China responsible in the locale, Australia, India, Japan, the United States, the alleged Quad, since we must have majority rules systems cooperating," he said while responding to an inquiry on US-China relations under his supervision. 

"We will clarify that, to manage these things, we will consider China responsible to adhere to the guidelines, to observe the principles, regardless of whether it identifies with the South China Sea or the North China Sea or the arrangement made on Taiwan or an entire scope of different things," he declared. 

The virtual highest point on March 12 was gone to by President Biden, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. 

In a joint proclamation, the four heads of the Quad had vowed to fortify participation on the "characterizing difficulties within recent memory" and said they will keep on focusing on the job of global law in the sea area and encourage coordinated effort, remembering for sea security, to address difficulties to the guidelines based oceanic request in the East and South China Seas. 

The primary culmination of the four chiefs occurred in the midst of China's expanding military muscle flexing in the Indo-Pacific district has become a significant argument among driving worldwide forces. The US has been preferring making Quad a security design to check China's developing confidence. 

Biden's limited public interview, in the midst of the pandemic, was gone to by 30 journalists from different news sources, including two unfamiliar reporters. 

President Biden, in light of an inquiry, said he sees "hardened rivalry" with China. 

"China has a general objective - and I don't scrutinize them for the objective, however they have a general objective to turn into the main country on the planet, the richest country on the planet, and the most remarkable country on the planet. That won't occur on my watch in light of the fact that the United States will proceed to develop and grow," he said. 

Subsequent to turning into the 46th President of the United States on January 20, Biden has spoken with his Chinese partner Xi Jinping via telephone once. The call, he said, went on for two hours. 

Biden said as VP during the Obama organization, he went through hours along with Xi, additionally General Secretary of the decision Communist Party of China and the president of the military. 

"It was extremely, direct. He doesn't have a majority rule with a little D-bone in his body, yet he's a savvy, shrewd person. He's part of the gang like Putin who believes that dictatorship is the influx of things to come. Popular government can't work in a consistently intricate world," he said. 

At the point when President Xi called him to praise him, Biden said they talked for two hours. 

During the discussion, "we made a few things clear to each other. I made it clear to him again what I advised him face to face on a few events, that we're not searching for a showdown, in spite of the fact that we know there will be steep, steep rivalry," Biden said. 

"Two, that we'll have solid rivalry yet we'll demand that China play by the global standards, reasonable rivalry, reasonable practices, reasonable exchange. Thirdly, to contend viably, I demonstrated that we will manage China adequately." 

Biden said his organization planned to complete three things. To start with, his organization will put resources into American specialists and American science. 

Biden said he is setting up his organization to have the option to do that. 

He noticed that, thinking back to the '60s, America used to contribute somewhat more than 2% of the whole GDP in unadulterated examination and interest in science. Today, it's 0.7 percent. "I will change that. We will change that," Biden said. 

"The future lies in who can, indeed, own the future as it identifies with innovation, quantum figuring, an entire scope of things, remembering for clinical fields. Thus the thing I will do is ensure we contribute more like 2%," he said. 

The US will make genuine speculations, Biden said, adding that "China is out contributing us by a longshot, on the grounds that they will probably possess that future." 

The third thing what his organization planned to do is to restore America's unions, he said. 

"I've been exceptionally clear with it. It's not enemy of Chinese. We have discussed it", the president said.

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