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Denmark becomes another European country to prohibit foreign funding for mosques.

The decision was taken after discovering a heavy amount of funding for a mosque in country.
Denmark becomes another European country to prohibit foreign funding for mosques.

Other big political parties in support of government.

The decision is to reduce terrorism danger in state.

Joining the considerable rundown of European nations to have taken differed measures to battle Islamist Extremism, the Parliament of Denmark has endorsed another law that forbids outside nations from subsidizing and financing mosques in the country. This progression comes after reports of Muslim nations like Algeria, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and UAE dispensing countless Euros to spread Islam in Europe. 

The new law collected help from all major ideological groups of Denmark. The country's Social Democrat Immigration and Integration Minister Mattias Tesfaye named the law as a significant advance to check 'Islamist radicalism'. 

The law, bypassing naming the religion, expresses, "The reason for the Act is to forestall regular and legitimate people, including unfamiliar state specialists and state-run associations and organizations, from neutralizing or subverting vote based system and principal opportunities and common freedoms by making gifts." 

Denmark is the second European nation to limit unfamiliar gifts to mosque. The public authority got right into it after a news report in January 2020 uncovered that Taiba Mosque, situated in Nørrebro locale of Denmark had gotten 4.9 million Danish kroner from Saudi Arabia. 

Taiba Mosque is supposed to be the base for number of Islamists indicted for psychological militant charges. Then again, Turkey has said to have provided gifts to build 27 mosques in Denmark remembering for the urban communities of Aarhus, Ringsted and Roskilde and in the towns of Fredericia, Hedehusene and Holbæk. 

It is intriguing to take note of the segment change in Denmark. As per a report delivered in 2020, Denmark has a populace of 2,50,000 Muslims which is 4.4% of the populace while the populace was a simple 0.6% in 1980.

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