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While a severe ammonium nitrate explosion hit Beirut on Tuesday, a housemaid saved a small girl from the clutches of the blast by playing on her own life. The video of which in Twitter goes viral soon after.


On Tuesday 4th of August, the Lebanese capital witnesses a big blast of almost 3000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate. The explosion took with it more than 70 lives and left thousands to an intolerable agony and injury. It smoked a good amount of the city's port and blazed buildings throughout the capital creating a huge mushroom cloud up into the sky. Several clips of the blast came up on social media sites among which surfaced a video of a housemaid saving a small girl's life, which is getting attention and applaud from the netizens throught the world.

The video captured shows the house maid cleaning the living room moments before the explosion and the child deeply lost in her playtime. Suddenly the small girl got up and walked towards the window almost two seconds before the blast and stood there as the blast occurred. The domestic help did not waste a moment and in a matter of seconds she was out of the room with the little child in her arms. 

The blast had the force of a 3.5 magnitude earthquake, according to a geoscience centre in Germany GFZ, and it rounded a radius of about 180 miles from Beirut to Cyprus across the Mediterranean.

"Everyone is sharing videos of today's deadly #BeirutBlast. Here's something else. This is the exact moment a maid risked her own life to save a little child, just as the explosion occurred. Heroes can be anywhere," Muhammad Lila, the person who shared the video on Twitter, wrote this in the caption. The video clip went viral on Twitter and recieved nearly three lakh views and many netizens applauded the act on the comment section of the same.

"Zero hesitation. Zero regard for her own safety. She is a credit to humanity." said a user in the comment section of the tweet. Another comment read, "I am grateful that this little girl had someone like this woman to hold onto and comfort her in what must have been a super confusing moment."

The port area where the said amount of ammonium nitrate was being stored had two consecutive explosions. Blocks around the port had upturned cars, bloodied residents running through the shattered streets filled with rubble from the dismantled buildings. 

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