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"Japan and America should not engage any supremacy agenda" Wang Yi

Ahead of Japan's prime minister Yoshihide's meeting with Joe Biden, Wang Yi stated.
"Japan and America should not engage any supremacy agenda" Wang Yi
According to Wang Yi, Japan should not interfer to any of their Xinjiang, Hong Kong or Taiwan matters as it is their personal question.

China's foreign minister has forewarned Japan against collaborating with the US to counter China, in front of a US-Japan highest point one week from now. 

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told his Japanese partner in a call on Monday (Apr 5) evening that their two nations ought to guarantee that two-sided relations "don't engage in the alleged a showdown between significant nations", a Chinese Foreign Ministry articulation said. 

It cited Wang as saying that "China trusts that Japan, as an autonomous nation, will take a gander at China's improvement in an unbiased and sane manner, rather than being deluded by certain nations holding one-sided see against China." 

Japan, a nearby US partner that hosts significant American maritime and aviation based armed forces bases, shares US worries about China's military development and cases to an area in the South and East China Seas. In any case, its significant exchange and speculation interests in China have on occasion gotten control over its analysis of its bigger neighbor. 

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga goes to Washington to meet President Joe Biden on Apr 16 in what will be the US chief's first in-person highest point since getting down to business in January. 

Biden, rather than his archetype Donald Trump, has focused on modifying attaches with European and Asian partners as the US plans for rivalry with a rising China. 

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Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi brought basic freedoms up in China's Xinjiang area and Hong Kong, both significant issues for Biden. He likewise repeated Japan's dissent against China's essence in waters around a gathering of uninhabited, Japan-controlled islands that China claims in the East China Sea. 

Wang went against Japan's obstruction in China's interior undertakings in Xinjiang and Hong Kong, the Chinese assertion said: 

Taiwan is another expected flashpoint, with Suga saying recently that Japan would help out the US on the issue. China views oneself administering island as a runaway territory that ought to be under Chinese guideline. 

China, in a sign to the US and its partners, as of late sent a plane carrying warship gathering to waters close to Taiwan for preparing works out.

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