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Pakistan senior diplomat believes Ind-Pak problems should be solved.

Aftab Hasan Khan said, matters must be resolved over conversation 
Pakistan senior diplomat believes Ind-Pak problems should be solved.
Pakistan is going through certain matters like bank Dept, poverty, price hikes, etc 

Today, Aftab Hasan Khan, Charge'd Affaires, Pakistan High Commission said that Pakistan needs to have great relations with its neighbors. 

"Pakistan needs to have great relations with its neighbors. It is significant that rather than war we pursue wiping out neediness and lack of education. That would possibly be conceivable if there is harmony," he was cited as saying by ANI. 

He additionally upheld settling the Jammu and Kashmir issue through discourse. 

"For harmony to win, issues should be settled through discourse particularly J&K that has been continuing for a very long time," he said. 

The assertion arrives in a progression of kindness motions from both the nations towards one another. Around a month prior, India and Pakistan shocked the world a month ago with an uncommon joint obligation to regard a 2003 truce understanding. 

As per a Bloomberg news report, the understanding was a result of mystery talks expedited by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that started months sooner. 

The truce, the paper cited UAE authorities as saying, is just the start of a bigger guide to manufacture an enduring harmony between the neighbors, the two of which have atomic weapons and fight routinely longer than a decades-old region question. 

The following stage simultaneously, the authorities said, includes the two sides restoring emissaries in New Delhi and Islamabad, who were pulled out in 2019. 

At that point comes the crucial step, chats on continuing exchange and an enduring goal on Kashmir, the subject of three conflicts since India, the Bloomberg report said. 

A week ago, Pakistan Army boss General Qamar Javed Bajwa asked India "to cover the past and push ahead" while saying the military was prepared to enter converses with resolve "all our exceptional issues". 

The remarks came a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan required a goal on Kashmir, which he depicted as "the one issue that keeps us down". 

On 20 March, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to wish his Pakistani partner well after the last was determined to have COVID-19, another sign that relations between the nations are getting hotter.

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