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Us To Derail Use Of Tiktok And Other Chinese Apps Keeping India In Citation

 US President Donald Trump has given orders of banning Chinese apps like WeChat and TikTok. Microsoft to soon purchase TikTok's US operations.
Us To Derail Use Of Tiktok And Other Chinese Apps Keeping India In Citation

Following India's ban on Chinese apps and 'Atmanirbhar' tags blowing all over the country, US President Donald Trump talks of putting a ban on Chinese selling apps in US like TikTok and WeChat. Coronavirus, coming out of China, had significantly blown the economy and population of many countries including US and hence to fix the problem, Trump also advises Microsoft with 45 days' time to purchase over rights for US operations of TikTok and ban WeChat. 

The decision escalated a high stakes confrontation with China's Bejing regarding the future of Global Tech Industry. Trump regarded the Chinese apps as "untrusted" and to pose "significant threats" on US digital networks.

Tiktok has been thoroughly subjugated by the US lawmakers due to national security concerns. This grew the distrust between Washington and Bejing significantly surrounding data collection. 

The ban of Tencent, another Chinese dealing with the US, one of the world's largest internet companies, leads to further fracture of the global internet services and business. This might lead to severe the long standing ties between United States of America and China. Tencent is by far the biggest target of Washington on China's global market.

"This is the rupture in the digital world between US and China," said James Lewis who is a technology expert from Washington based think tank Centre of Strategic and International Studies. He also says and we quote, "Absolutely,  China will retaliate".

On Friday, keeping the same things in mind, China accused US of "suppression" against the sweeping bans on the Chinese social media giants TikTok and WeChat. Wang said in regard to this ban, "the US frequently abuses its national power and unjustifiably suppresses non-US companies". He added, "At the expense of the rights and interests of US users and companies, the US... is carrying out arbitary political manipulation and suppression".

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